Denolva Omega Products Update - Omega-3 Project

South San Francisco, California – July 11th, 2016 – Algae Floating Systems (AFS) is pleased to share the progress of Denolva Omega Products, Inc., a company it cofounded in January 2016. Denolva Omega Products has a simple goal of bringing algae based omega-3 fatty acids to food, nutraceutical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets. The company is currently executing a project in California that, when completed, will bring commercial volumes of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) to market. The project employs AFS “H” and “K” type photobioreactors, the same type reactors AFS is planning to use for other projects in the pipeline.

About Algae Floating Systems:
Algae Floating Systems is a company that develops and deploys algae-based carbon capture and sequestration systems for power plants and industrial facilities that profitably convert CO2 and solar energy into renewable fuels and other valuable products. In the long term the company plans to deploy AFS Biofarms™ offshore to maximize the efficiency, cost and footprint of the systems.

Press Contact:
Vadim Krifuks
Tel: 650.866.5038

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