Microalgae are the simplest organisms on Earth, and yet they have a potential to save the planet from global warming, energy crisis, and hunger. Over millions of years microalgae have made our planet the way we know it today. The integral part was the photosynthetic activity, plant's ability of converting carbon dioxide, sunlight energy and water into biomass and oxygen.

If you are looking for simple sustainable solutions for food and fuel industries, you should not look beyond microalgae.

Did you know that all of the crude oil that we pump today exists due to the decomposition of organic matter over millions of years? It is, perhaps, interesting to know that microalgae provided most of the feedstock for this process.

With break-through in science, technology, and the concept, we can grow algae in the controlled environment and produce renewable crude oil in a matter of hours rather than millions of years.

But why these simple single-celled microalgae? Why can't we just grow the traditional crops that also due to photosynthesis produce biomass and oxygen? The answer is that over millions of years, microalgae have proven to be more productive and efficient in comparison to traditional plants. The following is the oil yield comparion per acre of land.

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