AFS Biofarm™ is a microalgae cultivation farm which consists of identical AFS Biounits™. In turn AFS Biounits™ are made of identical AFS PBR Modules™ which in turn consist of proprietary photobioreactors. Production capacity of the farm ranges from 10 to 100 million gallons of algal oil per year.

To give you a better picture of the farm the following are the specs of a typical AFS Biounit™:
  • annual production capacity - 10 million US gallons of algal oil and 100,000 tonnes of algal cake;
  • capital cost - USD35 million;
  • footprint - 500 acres;
  • useful life - 12 years;
  • volume - 500 million liters (water is continuously recycled);
  • annual amount of sequestered carbon dioxide (CO2) - 250,000 tonnes;
  • annual amount of produced and collected oxygen (O2) - over 100,000 tonnes.

The following image is a schematic drawing of AFS Biofarm™ with production capacity of 50 million gallons of algal oil per year.

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